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January 31, 2017

…” Whoever obeys his command will come to no harm, and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter, though a man’s misery weighs heavily upon him…” Ecclesiastes 8:5 – 6

It’s Not Fair, but Wait on God

When my children were younger they were always lamenting about something not being fair. I explained to them that a fair is a carnival or an amusement park. Life is not fair. The only thing you can hope for is equality but not fairness.

In life, there is little fairness, especially if you’re a Christian trying to live a Godly life in an ungodly world. As Christians, our hope must be in God’s justice, his word and his promises. Not in man, his morals, ethics nor character.

When we are in Christ, we need to know, trust and believe in God’s perfect timing. In his time, he will deal with those who practice evil towards his children. Romans 12:19 is clear, God will avenge all evil done to his children. No evil doer will escape because God said, ‘…for there is a proper time and procedure for every matter…” This includes people reaping what they sowed.

We may not see how God deals with the people who, without reason come or cause, come against us. But, we must take God at his word, “‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.” God’s timing is perfect!

Living in a generation where everything is measured in milliseconds has hindered many Christians from learning the valuable lesson of waiting on the Lord and, have a good attitude while we wait. (Psalm 27:14)

Remember, God is God; he is not a human. When he speaks, he says nothing but the truth. When he makes a promise, you can be assured, it will come to pass. (Numbers 23:19). While you’re dealing with mean, hateful, ungodly men and women, it can become hard to stay above the fray but, we must trust that God and let him will handle them in his time.

Living Above Mediocrity,

Minister Anita Wamble

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