We’ve Got to Do Better!

Hunting with Truth


This morning during my devotions the Lord spoke to me and said, “The Body of Christ is weak and scrawny. My Word is full and free for those who choose to eat of it. No, the Body of Christ is weak and scrawny because there is a fast in the land.”

“The people of God are fasting from the Word of God. The people of God are fasting from the promises of God and the people of God are fasting from the holiness of God.”

“My Body has become “of” the world not just “in” the world. My Body is working to hate the sinner or love the sin but they are not loving the sinner to wholeness in Me while hating the sin. You all are going along to get along with a dying and fading world system.”

“Because of My Body’s refusal to keep My commandments and follow My ways, the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is only a flicker. They are no longer the candle that sits on the hill, they are just a smoldering wick.”

He who has an ear, let him hear.


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